2017 is ending in 1 week!

I cannot believe it.

This year has been absolutely filled to the brim, I guess? Life choices. Life happenings. Life milestones. And I should be thankful. I'm also very thankful that I even had days that were just chill with absolutely nothing to do...when I had days to process and ponder carefully what steps to take...and to reflect about the past 4 years of university.

Presently, I have a few days to make a pretty big decision...about whether to start work on 2nd january...or not.

It was like...everything was all set to go, until Tuesday of this week. Suddenly, I felt like bolting out the backdoor.

The past three days, I've been in hermit mode. Setting up my new laptop (that I got for the new job). Organising all the memory devices around me. Decluttering (slow and bitsy progress). Refusing to meet anyone. Enjoying the comfort of my home. I made brownies and I've even read 4 books. Usually, I would watch youtube too, but I have been a bit lackluster in that area recently...'s like I'm a rabbit now. My nose is twitching. My tail is quivering. And while I hide myself away in a den, I'm this close to bolting from it and scampering off into the great unknown.

Sigh. Overdramatic much. 

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Sexy legs

God, I'm watching 5Stage now and they just danced Watashi no okite dressed up as girls in mini skirts. KYAAA WHAT ON EARTH WHY ARE ALL THEIR LEGS SO MUCH BETTER LOOKING THAN MINE T___T

Okay, I'm not that sad actually. Not jealous either. Just absolutely incredulous HAHAHA. I'm in shock. Of course, Mari's long legs are gorgeous. But not just Mari's, but everyone, even Fuma and Kento! Are they just too thin? Or not hairy? 

Slim and fit. And hairless. (or maybe they were wearing stockings but I doubt that).

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