feeling a little disconnected

well, it's been ages since the last post. almost a year. but i didn't really have anything to update...fandom-wise. there was a lot of moving and shaking in the JE world this year...but i was okay to just observe everybody else's reactions and also observe how Arashi and SZ were taking things (mostly they didn't seem really affected).

recently, i've been feeling a bit distanced from the boys...

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2017 is ending in 1 week!

I cannot believe it.

This year has been absolutely filled to the brim, I guess? Life choices. Life happenings. Life milestones. And I should be thankful. I'm also very thankful that I even had days that were just chill with absolutely nothing to do...when I had days to process and ponder carefully what steps to take...and to reflect about the past 4 years of university.

Presently, I have a few days to make a pretty big decision...about whether to start work on 2nd january...or not.

It was like...everything was all set to go, until Tuesday of this week. Suddenly, I felt like bolting out the backdoor.

The past three days, I've been in hermit mode. Setting up my new laptop (that I got for the new job). Organising all the memory devices around me. Decluttering (slow and bitsy progress). Refusing to meet anyone. Enjoying the comfort of my home. I made brownies and I've even read 4 books. Usually, I would watch youtube too, but I have been a bit lackluster in that area recently...'s like I'm a rabbit now. My nose is twitching. My tail is quivering. And while I hide myself away in a den, I'm this close to bolting from it and scampering off into the great unknown.

Sigh. Overdramatic much. 

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